Rent an apartment on Onilova lane, Odessa

Everyone, no matter whether he is on a business trip or visits Odessa as a tourist, would like to feel domestic comfort and coziness after a long day. In this case, an ideal variant for renting  a flat in Odessa would be a two bedrooms flat in Onilovoy lane in Odessa.It is situated in a house between Uspenskaya and Bazarnaya streets, on the first floor.

To rent a flat with two bedrooms by a daily rent in Odessa in Onilovoy lane

Cosy and comfortable atmosphere, spreading over the flat, is very pleasant for rest of tourists, who came to the beach of the Black sea, to Odessa.

The decor is performed in warm colours, stylish and comfortable design – everything is invented for you. In a flat, there is everything , necessary for your comfortable stay. high quality furniture and cozy atmosphere will give youa great satisfaction, if you choose this very flat.

Moreover, our advantage is that our flats are always perfectly cleaned, and equipped with everything necessary. In a flat, there is a multichannel TV, Internet, conditioner, hot water.

Every room in a flat by daily rent in Onilovoy lane can satisfy every guest’s needs, without reference to his goal of staying in Odessa.